This is one of your more outlandish assertions. What evidence do you have to support the idea that an ethics or licensing committee, which is what I was talking about, would do either one of those things? Therapists, doctors, lawyers — all are regulated by both of those things in the United States. Lawyers are not prevented from practicing law, nor doctors medicine, nor therapists therapy. There. Is. No. Conspiracy. They are, however, prevented from committing malpractice and/or are required to follow ethical standards set forth by other professionals in the field. Why would you have an issue with that?

Perhaps it is a violation of the First Amendment. I don’t really know, though I’m not sure why it would be. Check out Kohlberg’s work on ethical decision making. It’s not rocket science. Do no harm, do good, be truthful, be just. I’m not sure what the problem with that is.

I’m curious. What’s your solution to this so-called journalistic malpractice, other than criticism? What’s your action plan? How is it that you think journalists should be held accountable? How should you be held accountable. You might be waiting for me to engage with you about that nonsense Syrian girl’s Twitter feed, but I’m still waiting for you to answer a basic question about who holds citizen journalists accountable? Who watches the watchers? Or are we just supposed to just take it on faith that you’ll be truthful? Because that’s worked so well with the mainstream news.

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