Jesus Harold Christ, you just love jumping to conclusions. The irony… you have zero evidence to support the statement that there is zero evidence. None of us know if that is true, at least those of us not privy to classified information or who are at least on Mueller’s team. These outrageous claims you make totally undermine what is an otherwise engaging effort to inform. Why do you insist on leaving rhetorical holes big enough to drive an 18-wheeler through?

Now you’re gonna come at me with “unknown is the same as zero evidence” which is in no way true. It is, at best, an intellectually dishonest assertion. I can’t tell you how a space shuttle works, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been to the moon. That we, as civilians, are not yet privy to classified information means nothing.

See, I get that you think that we all lack self-awareness and that you are just so savvy and that us stupid Yanks are slaves to confirmation bias, because I guess you’re the only one who’s above all that Jazz, but in the real world, it’s possible for several things to be true simultaneously. Trump can be guilty. AND the media can be overreacting. AND there can be misinformation. AND there can be people taking advantage of these events. These ideas are not all mutually exclusive.

You note some left wing voices on Twitter, except you ignore an important truth — they don’t speak for the freaking FBI! You also seem to think that Russiagate is distracting us all and as a result an evil tax plan has been allowed to pass. Except maybe the two have nothing to do with one another. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

The only way your argument makes sense is if you believe Mueller is imaginary, too. Is that what you believe?

I’ll go grab something to eat while you come up with new ad hominems that deflect from my point. Don’t forget — you’ve called me a liar and a coward before. So make sure you come up with something more original please.

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